A simple Templot starter project

This short screen video shows you how to use the controls in Templot to create a simple track plan.

video: © Martin Wynne 2008
audio: © Stewart Dugdale

A rough sketch can be scanned and used as a design guide as shown. If it is drawn to a known scale, Templot can display it at the correct size automatically.

This is just the beginning of Templot. You can go on to link further templates on-screen and create complex formations to build a complete layout track plan. And then print it out to any size.

Many thanks to Russ for the original sketch. It has been converted to a low-contrast negative image in a photo editor program. This makes it less visually distracting while working over it, but is a matter of preference. The Templot screen can be set to any colours of your choice.

For other Templot screen videos, see the Templot Companion web pages and click-guide tutorials.


© revised 1-Nov-2008