Templot Click-Guide Videos and Tutorials

Templot Click-Guide material is available in two series. Please scroll the page:

1. Templot Screen Videos

Watch these videos to see how to perform various tasks in Templot. Click to access the videos and see the full list which is being frequently updated:   Templot Videos.


2. Static Tutorials

These static click-guide tutorials listed below take you step-by-step through the various aspects of using Templot.

They consist of a series of web pages illustrated with example screens from Templot. The intention is that you should repeat the detailed instructions given while running your own copy of Templot. This means that you will frequently need to swap between Templot and your web browser program as you work your way through the tutorial pages. When swapping screens it is possible to minimize Templot to the Windows taskbar simply by pressing the PAUSE key on the keyboard (top-right).

 Most of these tutorials were originally created using version 074b of Templot. If you have since upgraded to a later version you may find that some of the menu locations now differ.

For easier printing some of these tutorials are also available as PDF files. Be aware that these files are large - after clicking the PDF link you may need to wait several minutes, during which time your computer may appear to have stopped responding. In order to view and print PDF files you need to have the Adobe Reader program installed on your computer. This is now included with most Windows systems.

These tutorial web pages are graphics-intensive, so if you are reading this online, set your browser to cache the pages so that you can click back and forth between them and refer to them offline without repeated reloads.

1.  Track plan :

This tutorial takes you through the design of this simple track plan :

track plan

Click  track plan tutorial  to start the sequence.

2.  Single slip :

This tutorial is about how to create a diamond-crossing and add a single slip road. For this you need to be using version 0.78.e of Templot or later. For more information about upgrading, click pug info.

single slip

Click  single slip tutorial.


These are shorter tutorial sequences covering single topics.

3.  Working with return curves and parallel crossings :

(including some notes about using transition curves and slewing)

There are four different ways to create a return curve in Templot. This tutorial explains the differences between them, and takes you through the use of each one :

return curve

Click  return curve tutorial  to start the sequence.

4.  Improvising symmetrical Y-turnouts and split-deflection switches :

Click  Y-turnout tutorial  to start the sequence.

5.  Creating a non-concentric running loop:

(including some notes about the make transition function)

This tutorial creates a wide running loop, such as may be needed for an island platform. It includes an explanation of the make transition function which creates a transition curve between two existing templates.

Click  running loop tutorial  to start the sequence.


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