Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes have been made since Templot Release version 0.74.b
up to Templot Pug version 0.82.d inclusive:

rectangular timbers:

The edges of timbers were previously drawn radial to any curving line. This was not strictly a bug, it was an earlier design decision to shorten screen re-draw times. With the faster processors now available it is no longer necessary. The effect was that long timbers on sharp curves became noticeably tapered in width.

All timbers are now drawn rectangular with parallel edges, regardless of any curving or slewing of the template.

As a result of this change, if templates are reloaded from earlier versions which contain timbers which have been both twisted and shoved along in the shove timbers function, they may need re-shoving in this version. See also the new crab function.

group selections:

The peg/align tools > swap peg on background template to other end and tools > group tools > duplicate group functions now correctly retain group selections and remembered groups.

information panel:

The template information panel was showing incorrect data while the storage box was visible. It is now blanked off to avoid confusion. Information about the selected template is available on the storage box by clicking the info button.

custom switch front timbers:

Switch front timbers in a custom switch can now be set close to (or under) the stock rail joint if desired.

quick set:

The template > quick set... function now works correctly if the previous current template was on a transition curve. (This was broken only in Pug 0.77.a).

make transition:

The peg/align tools > make transition curve from current template function now works correctly if one of the templates is straight. (This was broken only in Pug 0.77.a).

half-diamond timbering:

The real > timbering > half-diamond timbering > as model option setting is now correctly recorded in .box files. (This change applies only since Pug 0.77.a).

roll rails and sleepers:

The roll rails and sleepers settings are now included in the modify on rebuild function. (Whether they should be is a moot point. This change applies only since Pug 0.77.a).

print entire pad:

A problem with some printer drivers when printing large track plans under Windows 95/98/ME has been corrected. (This was broken only in Pugs 0.77.a and 0.78.a).

mint current template from final template reloaded:

This option now applies only to the final background template reloaded from a .box data file. Any unused templates or library templates in the file are now ignored. This option now applies only on reloading, and is not now available when adding templates from a file to existing Storage Box contents. The default behaviour is now for the minted template to be hidden on the drawing pad. On the Storage Box, click the options > on reload only > menu options. This function is primarily intended to set the gauge and scale when reloading a track plan from file. (These changes apply only from 0.78.d).

peg on MXP (CTRL-7)

The MXP peg position (CTRL-7) is now correctly calculated for a curviform type of crossing. For all types of crossing, the MXP position is now calculated to provide a clearance corresponding to the turnout-side (TS) adjacent track centres setting. (These changes apply only from 0.78.e).

minimum radius:

The "minimum radius on this template" info dimension (and the "minimum radius now" warning) now correctly reflect the return curve radius and the loop track radius in the case of parallel type of V-crossing. (Fixed in 0.79.a).

ghost template name labels:

Template name labels were occasionally displayed on the drawing pad for unused templates which had been wiped from the background. (Fixed in 0.79.a).

Normalize all templates:

Normalizing the templates no longer disrupts the name label positions (Broken only in 0.82.a , 0.82.b , 0.82.c . Fixed in 0.82.d ).

Other minor corrections and changes have been made.

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