What was new in Templot  ~  Version  0.74.b

The current release version of Templot is still 0.74.b (October 2001). The latest Pug version is 0.82.d (November 2006).

To find which version of Templot you are using, click the help > about Templot menu item. For information about downloading the latest version, click downloads. Upgrades are free to existing users if downloaded.

There is also a later Pug (Pilot UpGrade, or beta) version available with many additional features, click pug version for more information. The Pug version doesn't include the sample track plan files, so new users and re-installers should always first download and install the release version 0.74.b.

To keep up to date with news of Templot developments, join the friendly Templot Club.

Here's a list of the program changes in version 0.74.b (since version 0.68.c) :

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previous version 0.68.c changes


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