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Keyboard  Shortcuts :

There are numerous keyboard shortcuts available for the menu items. Click here to see a complete list in a separate window of the keyboard shortcuts for the drawing pad, which can be printed out for reference.

There are too many to remember them all, but you will soon become familiar with the more frequently used ones. It is usually much quicker to use these shortcuts instead of navigating through the menu structure to find the item you require.

Some of the more frequently used functions have two shortcuts, a conventional one using the SHIFT and CTRL keys, and a single-key alternative. This is handy if like me you find it difficult to do SHIFT+CTRL-F7 with one hand (your other hand being on the mouse). In this case the single-key alternative is \ ,  backslash.

Several of the keyboard shortcuts use the number-pad keys on the right of the main keyboard. For these to work NUMLOCK must be On (indicator light showing), and it may be necessary on some systems to press the NUMLOCK key off and then on again after a restart.

For laptop users the common shortcuts which use the number-pad are now duplicated in the main keyboard (version 0.38 on). See the list for details.

If you use the Windows Accessibility MouseKeys function, please click MouseKeys for more information about using the number-pad.

If you haven't yet printed the function key chart, switch on your printer and select the print F key chart menu item in the help menu. This will print a chart which can be placed behind your keyboard showing the function key shortcuts and also the single-key alternatives. The chart is shown below. When upgrading to a later version of Templot please be sure to print a new chart from the new version as there may be some changes.

function key chart

Note that the above chart does not show all the shortcuts, only those which use the function keys. You can see and print out all the others here or by selecting the help > shortcut keys list menu item.

show full keyboard shortcuts list.

more notes here soon

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