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DXF  and  beyond

Templot is concerned only with track. But by exporting your track plan from Templot in the universal DXF drawing format, you can transfer your design to CAD or other drawing software. There you can add the scenic and architectural details which will complete your layout design.

To export your current background drawing as a DXF file, click the files > export dxf... menu item in the storage box, or the background > export dxf... menu item in the control room. This dialog window then appears in which you can set up several useful options for the DXF file:

Click the ? help button on this window to read the full notes about using the DXF export function.

 You must have at least one template on the background drawing for this dialog to appear. It is not posible to export the current template as a DXF file. Put it on the background first (control > store & background menu item). Picture shapes are exported as an outline only, the image content is not included in the DXF file.

Templot can include 3D track information in the DXF file (although this increases the DXF file size significantly), and there are drawing programs available which will permit you to visualise your track plan in three dimensions.

Here below are two images which have been 3D-rendered in TurboCad8™ from Templot DXF files:


Many Templot users enjoy using the excellent free Google Sketchup program for 3D visualisations. Here is an example of Templot DXF data rendered in Google Sketchup:

It is also possible to re-import Templot's exported DXF track plan files into Templot's background shapes. This can be a useful way of comparing two track plans by superimposing one (as conventional background templates) on the other (re-imported from DXF into the background shapes). This is useful when copying a plan to a different track gauge. The imported plan can be scaled up or down as required using the scale all functions in the background shapes without affecting the current track gauge. (But see also the convert group function in the scale/gauge selector dialog.)


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