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background template pop-up (simple) Clicking anywhere on a background template highlights the template and pops up this menu on the left of the screen.

Alternatively, if the SHIFT key is held down, or the CAPS LOCK is ON, background templates will be highlighted as the mouse pointer moves over their name labels. Clicking on the highlighted label then pops up the menu. This way of accessing the menu is easier than clicking the template if two background templates are overlapping, and is the only way if the shove timber functions are in use on the current template.

This menu is also available by right-clicking the name labels when using the  control > group select > click backgnd to group function.

All the items on this menu refer to the highlighted background template only. The colour used for highlighting can be changed. Click the  pad  >  pad drawing colours  >  highlight overdraw colour...  menu item.

 Clicking a background template is possible even when it is obscured by a current template which is a copy of it. Don't get confused - this menu applies to the background template below, not to the current template above it. A clue to the presence of the background template is its name label, showing through the current template.

The items on this menu are detailed below :

The peg / align tools menu items are these:

background template pop-up (align)

These new align tools functions may not work correctly on background templates which were originally created by a version of Templot earlier than 0.56.

To use these functions on such templates, they must first be normalized to bring them into line with the current version. Select the program > normalize all templates menu item on the control room window.

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